BLendIN Georgia's main mission is to help preserve public history by researching and saving family stories about community, life, landmarks,as well as the paranormal. We encourage a new generation of people to care about and love history as much as we do! It's not all about boring facts and dates with us, it's about getting out and getting active while having fun learning about the past and uniqueness of an area. 

Through leading tours and hosting themed public events we hope to bring fun cultural entertainment for the community and visitors to enjoy while maintaining the local heritage.

*A portion of certain tour proceeds will go towards local historic preservation projects.

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    Gifts From Beyond The Grave

    What does an old Bible, a restless spirit and a Powder Springs graveyard have in common? Sounds like a mysterious mashup doesn't it? You will be shocked to hear of the strange events that led to a unique piece of Powder Springs history making its way BACK to Marietta Street, to be placed in it's rightful resting place.... on display at the Seven Springs Museum. Coincidence? Or a gift from BEYOND?.........YOU decide.If you have been on the Haunted Springs Ghost Tour,&n...  Read More...

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    Old Methodist Cemetery

    Old Methodist CemeterySeptember 1, 2016K.T.One of the oldest graveyards in town is located on Old Austell road.  This cemetery along with a log structure for a church, was founded by Elisha Lindley, the son of the man who donated the land for the old Baptist church and cemetery lot behind town square. (Both churches being dismantled during the Civil War) The graveyard originated in the back left corner under an old oak tree.   Read More...

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    Hangmans Hill

     HANG-MANS HILLAugust 26, 2016K.T.Many of you may not be aware of this historical execution place in Marietta, GA.If you committed murder in Cobb County before the year 1920, you were taken prisoner and hauled over to Marietta to await trial. If you were found guilty at your trial, meaning you did not commit the act of murder in self defense, then you were sentenced to the inhumane act of death by hanging... open to the public. Every county in America had their own hanging place at one...  Read More...

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    7 Springs a Nautral Energy Souce for Spirits?

    Historic DowntownPowder Springs, GA7 springs... natural energy source for spirits?August 17, 2016If you are wondering why a spring water pump serves as the city's official logo, it's because the town has been loooong  known for its 7 mineral springs that run underneath the town.Although they are now capped off and covered up, the water STILL flows underground in this tiny historic district, undisturbed and unwanted for over 50 years now.I'm unsure if the residents of this area talk about ta...  Read More...

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