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BLendIN Georgia offers the most interactive events you can experience in the paranormal world. Find out how real hauntings come to life when you are guided by the right people.

See the darkside of Powder Springs!

Get to know the haunted side of the city

Go into the places where the locals have encountered the spirit world. Visit little known areas and creepy avenues that open up the mind into what going on a ghost tour is all about.

This is my seat!

Ghost Hunts

Want to find out what lurks just beyond the shadows? We bring you to famous and secluded landmarks all around Cobb and surrounding counties. Our guests will use the latest ghost hunting equipment and hunt alongside our team.

Past Event

BlendIN Georgia gives you access to ghost hunt the most haunted place in Marietta!

Kennesaw House Ghost Hunt

Ever wish you could could search for REAL ghosts in the MOST haunted location in Marietta?Join us on an overnight investigation! We will cover the haunted history that pre dates the Civil  War along with the actual sightings that have taken place....when your good and scared....you'll be released to roam the old areas where the civil war operating room and morgue were located....on the FIRST & SECOND floors. This is on FRIDAY THE 13TH.

"I've been on a few ghost tours in GA, this was by far the best I've been too. It's very informative and fun and gave us the chills. Highly recommend this Tour!"
Amy Davids
Haunted Springs Survivor
"SO creepy and SUPER cool!!! Very informative!! We even got a spirit pic!!!"
Haunted Springs Ghost Tour Review
Kimberly Hicks
Haunted Springs Survivor

Are You Afraid Of Ghosts? Stay home & Watch us on YouTube

Who is behind this?

 In 2016 we rolled out the first ghost tour that showcased the history, the haunts, and videos of what Psychic Medium Ginger Quinlan encountered on a blind walk. Showcasing our towns haunted history has brought us an intense amount of joy and opportunities. Not only has our tours set the stage for more paranormal events in our area, but we have had the chance to give back to our community as well…. that’s the best part. 

Ginger And Kaaren walk through
I'm so pumped to be able to spend my time doing what I love to do! Hosting haunted events is a lifestyle!
Paranormal events in Georgia
Kaaren Tramonte
BLendIN Georgia Owner

Good Ghost Tours Don’t Leave You In The Dark

Now you can explore all the haunted locations with your phone! Built right into Google maps where you can click each ghost icon and see a photo and read a story about the location. Make it fun by driving or walking the haunted trail! Click the link below!

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